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On the Road and Off Road
Ready for the Future
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With over sixty years of history, VHIT is a reliable global mobility partner with a strong focus on innovation, sustainability and the future.

On the Road and Off Road

VHIT specialises in passenger cars and commercial vehicles with regard to vacuum braking, lubrication and power train cooling systems for both internal combustion engines and electric applications. VHIT also has years of experience in the field of hydraulic actuators for Off Road braking systems and clutches. For both the Automotive and Off Road markets, VHIT offers solutions for both OE and the Aftermarket.

Ready for the Future

Through digitisation and artificial intelligence we improve the solutions offered to our customers. We look to the future by transforming our processes and organisation.

Best Place to Work

Those who work with us live in a dynamic, innovative and constantly evolving environment. We believe that trust and teamwork can help us achieve new and ever more challenging goals. We promote flexibility, fostering a good work-life balance and ensure a stimulating and comfortable workplace. Join our team to plan the future of mobility together!

We’re a go-to global partner for the Automotive industry

With over sixty years of experience in the Automotive industry, we have developed important business partnerships with the best-known western car manufacturers. The transformation of the mobility sector in recent years has affected our innovation process, leading us to acquire new skills and develop new products. We have expanded our portfolio, focusing not only on combustion engines, but also on hybrid and electric engines.
Today we are established in the market as a leading company in the research, development, production and marketing of mechatronic products for the Automotive sector. We have also successfully developed skills in hardware and software system design and development, enabling us to be ready for the technological transformation in progress in the field of mobility. We work with a constant eye on the future to offer our customers smart, sustainable and efficient solutions.


Mobility is our field of action

Our target markets

VHIT, partner per l'industria Automotive a livello globale, offre soluzioni per l’Automotive e l’Off Road e proposte ideali per molteplici automobili e veicoli commerciali leggeri per motori tradizionali ed elettrici

On the Road

With a wide range of solutions, we’re a go-to global partner for the Automotive industry. We offer mechanical vacuum pumps and oil pumps (variable displacement, combined and electric) for conventional and electric motors, with ideal offerings for many cars and light commercial vehicles.

VHIT, partner per l'industria Automotive a livello globale, offre soluzioni per l’Automotive e l’Off Road e prodotti adeguati a veicoli off road con differente potenza

Off Road

VHIT offers a wide range of hydraulic products, including hydraulic actuators for braking systems and clutches for agricultural and work vehicles.
The proposed solutions allow our customers to find the most suitable product for different vehicles with different power ratings (low to medium-high).

VHIT partner per l'industria Automotive a livello globale, propone componenti finiti e kit di riparazione che garantiscono il funzionamento di tutti i prodotti.


Recently, VHIT has entered the Aftermarket as an independent brand, offering finished components and repair kits that ensure the continued operation of all products integrating VHIT and Weifu OE solutions. Quality, sustainability and price are the strengths of our offering.


Our customers’ satisfaction starts with that of our employees

We are an innovative, dynamic, flexible company that strives for continuous improvement in both the technological and human fields. We are convinced, in fact, that knowledge and innovation, combined with the well-being of our employees, are fundamental aspects for living well in the present and achieving our goals in the future.

In VHIT la soddisfazione dei clienti inizia da quella dei collaboratori, attraverso un ambiente di lavoro dinamico e flessibile

A modern, efficient plant

We continue to invest in the digitisation of production and logistics processes. This allows us to reduce repetitive and low value-added work, while increasing production efficiency and speeding up the dispatch and delivery of products to our customers.

A dynamic and flexible
working environment

Not just production! Our office is characterised by a young, active, international working environment, where everyone is encouraged to give their best, both as individuals and within their own team. We promote flexibility and a correct work-life balance.

In VHIT la soddisfazione dei clienti inizia da quella dei collaboratori, attraverso un ambiente di lavoro dinamico e flessibile

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