VHIT – Mechatronics & Beyond

We are a long-standing Italian company with a broad international outlook: we have always been active in production for the Automotive sector and today we are looking with interest at foreign markets and the developments in the electrification of mobility.

VHIT specialises in the research, development, production and marketing of mechatronic products for the Automotive industry. Our expertise covers the vacuum, engine lubrication and cooling areas, for both power trains with internal combustion engines and electric motors, as well as in the field of hydraulic applications for commercial vehicles.

VHIT was founded in the late 1950s, and throughout its history, spanning more than sixty years, the company has pioneered major developments, eventually becoming part of the Weifu High-Technology Group Co., Ltd. in 2022.

Today, VHIT employs around 500 employees, who all play an active part in the company’s success and growth. Alongside the importance of product quality, we also see sustainability as a key value. On a collective level, we adopt the principles of green economy and waste reduction, while at the same time striving to create a stimulating working environment where all our employees can realise their full potential.

mechatronics & beyond

Recent developments in the Automotive market have contributed to the growth of our expertise, prompting us to expand our portfolio of offerings and forge innovative partnerships. We have successfully approached the mechatronics sector and have been able to take advantage of the ongoing digital transformation by integrating artificial intelligence (AI) and the Industry 4.0 model into our production systems. The development and spread of the electrification of mobility has led us to adapt our offer, enabling us to find new, highly efficient solutions for our customers. Over the past decade, we have gone from being a company focused exclusively on mechanical products to one with a strong focus on electrified products for hybrid and electric vehicles. We have thus become a benchmark in the Automotive market for the development and design of hardware and software systems for mobility.

Our target market
is global

We primarily target European customers, but we also export our products further afield, especially to Central and South America, as well as to the Asian continent. With the company’s recent entry into the Weifu High-Technology Group Co., Ltd., we aim to further strengthen our position in the Eastern market. At the end of 2021 we thus also established a subsidiary based in China, in Wuxi: VHIT Automotive Systems.

64 anni di esperienza nella produzione per il settore Automotive
of experience in the Automotive sector
0 years
Tanti collaboratori sono impiegati nella produzione per il settore Automotive


employees at our Offanengo site
5 milioni di pompe prodotte in media all’anno nella produzione per il settore Automotive
pumps produced on average per year
0 million


our world

Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission sum up VHIT’s corporate philosophy, which aims at globality, innovation and constant improvement, in a cohesive working environment, where great importance is attached to teamwork.

Our history

The history of VHIT, from 1958 to the present day, bears witness to our extensive experience in the production of mechanical components for the Automotive industry. Over the years we have been able to build on our expertise, transforming our approach to stay up to date and recently opening up to the e-mobility sector.

Strategy and innovation

In order to respond to the challenging developments in the e-mobility market, we are constantly striving to develop and acquire new skills. We have always been backed by a wealth of solid technical know-how.

Sustainability and responsibility

Sustainability and social responsibility are core values for our company. We are convinced that it is possible to combine economic growth with a focus on environmental, ethical and social impacts. This is why we are committed to sustainable growth, adopting practices that will reduce our impact on the environment and protect the health and safety of our employees.

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