Our history

The ability to anticipate changes and react swiftly is an approach that has always characterised VHIT over the last sixty years.

From its foundation in 1958 to the present day, we have faced every challenge with determination, developing innovative solutions that have allowed us to create added value for our stakeholders. Let’s look back together on the most important milestones of our story so far.


The businessman Domenico Bonaldi begins manufacturing and selling the Hydrovac brake booster under licence to Bendix (USA). The business opens in Offanengo, in the province of Cremona, where VHIT still has its headquarters today.


VHIT is taken over by the US firm Bendix.


The Bendix Italia Group becomes part of the American Allied Signal Automotive Group.


VHIT joins the Bosch Group and, eight years later, becomes part of its Diesel Systems corporate sector.


VHIT S.p.A. is established, global centre of expertise for the vacuum pump for the Bosch Group.


The Bosch Production System is implemented, a model applied to streamline the production based on Lean Manufacturing principles.


After years of accolades and awards within the Bosch Group, VHIT joins its Powertrain Solutions corporate sector.


In command of the evolution taking place in the Automotive market, VHIT launches the production of electric oil pumps, succeeding in taking up new business opportunities.


The digitisation of the corporate processes is given a strong boost by artificial intelligence, which will soon pave the way for a highly connected production process.


On 2 November, VHIT became part of the Bosch Group’s jointly owned multinational Weifu High Technology Group Co., Ltd. further expanding its global horizon. The Weifu Group is one of the largest Automotive companies in the Asian market, with both public and private shareholders. The Bosch Group holds 14% of the Chinese Group’s shares.

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