Sustainability and responsibility

Protecting the environment and workers go hand-in-hand for us: both are part of our concrete and fundamental commitment.


VHIT is committed to respecting the environment from all perspectives. In this area too, just as in production, we have digitised the data collection processes by creating dedicated apps, which allow us to monitor waste production trends and highlight any deviations. This allows us to reduce low-value-added activities and focus on achieving increasingly sustainable goals.

VHIT, oltre ad essere attenta ai rifiuti che produce, riutilizza plastica, carta, legno e metallo


Like any manufacturing company, we are aware that we generate waste, but we are equally attentive to its continuous reduction and proper disposal. All waste, whether hazardous (e.g. emulsions) or non-hazardous, is disposed of in accordance with the current regulations. In addition, waste such as plastic, paper, wood and metal are recovered and reused.

Our daily commitment to waste management takes the form of small but significant actions:

VHIT ha eliminato da ogni spazio aziendale i cestini generici per migliorare la raccolta differenziata

We have eliminated general waste bins from every company space, replacing them with recycling bins.

VHIT ha ridotto in modo particolare la plastica

We have reduced disposable plastic packaging, eliminating plastic water bottles for example.

VHIT favorisce gli imballi riutilizzabili

We have improved our industrial packaging by favouring reusable packaging wherever possible.

Atmospheric and environmental emissions

Our keywords are reduction and responsible management. All atmospheric emissions are controlled on the basis of provincial authorisations and the AUA (Single Environmental Authorisation).

Specific atmospheric emission tests are carried out each year, confirming our compliance with the statutory ranges. As already mentioned, we have opted for reusable packaging. For the washing cycles of this packaging, the company decided to invest in a new industrial process that stops all waste water from entering the sewage system.


We strive for carbon neutrality every day. At our Offanengo site, we have a solar energy plant for electricity production that covers about 10% of our needs. For the remainder, we only use energy from renewable sources: the electricity we use generates no CO2 emissions. For CO2-emitting activities, such as heating and the use of company vehicles, we are committed to offsetting 100% of these emissions through the purchase of carbon credits.

In the field of energy, we apply a methodology that involves, for each issue that arises, analysing the problem, identifying the top offenders and causes, and implementing actions to achieve remedial objectives. The process using this methodology has been named “Green Line” and consists of continuous search for and application of projects to reduce energy consumption. Concrete examples are the solar energy plant, the covering of the entire factory with LED lights, the introduction of Inverter technologies, and the optimisation of the heating and cooling system which, through AI algorithms, regulates our energy and gas consumption.

For over 15 years we have been ISO 14001 certified for environmental management
and ISO 45001 certified for occupational health and safety management.

health and safety

Occupational health and safety protection is a key asset for us.

We consider compliance with the relevant regulations crucial, but we also invest in projects and training designed to reduce risks and accidents.

Every day, at every level of our organisation, we create the conditions for a safe working environment and ensure that everyone is committed to protecting themselves and others.


We want to create the best working conditions and protect our company, our associates, but also our customers and partners.
Therefore, compliance is of great importance to us and we apply the rules strictly.


The Code of Ethics approved by the VHIT Board of Directors outlines the general principles of corporate ethics that guide the activities of VHIT following a path of managerial transparency and ethical correctness. The guiding principles of the Code respect the law and current regulations, as well as internal corporate rules, within a framework of legality, fairness, transparency, and respect for human dignity.
Adherence to the expressed values and conduct criteria is required of anyone cooperating in the exercise of corporate activities.

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