Vision and Mission

Our Vision and Mission define our goal and guide VHIT’s actions:
we constantly look to the future, always striving to achieve the best result.

Smart, Global,
Mechatronics & Beyond

VHIT è smart, agisce con intelligenza, innovando grazie alle tecnologia


We are smart in every business area and act with intelligence, innovating processes and products with the most advanced technologies.

VHIT espande il suo business oltre i confini, i suoi prodotti sono distribuiti su scala mondiale


We expand our business beyond borders. VHIT products for the B2B market are distributed globally and used by the major car manufacturers to build their vehicles. With our entry into the Weifu High-Technology Group Co., Ltd., we are further strengthening our position in the Asian market.

Le competenze di VHIT in meccanica ed elettronica permettono di sviluppare prodotti e sistemi meccatronici complessi


Our skills in mechanics and electronics enable us to develop complex mechatronic products and systems. Using the expertise gained from process digitisation, we digitise our products, taking them to an increasingly higher technological level.

VHIT è sempre proiettata verso il futuro grazie a sistemi innovativi


We always have an eye on the future and constantly aim to achieve new goals. We expand our portfolio with smart and sustainable products supported by innovative services.

Together for Sustainable Mobility

VHIT sviluppa nuove idee in grado di rivoluzionare il settore della mobilità in ottica sostenibile per le persone e per l’ambiente

We are a close-knit team and encourage collaboration between our own company and others. Thanks to this approach, in today’s challenging environment, we develop new ideas that can revolutionise the mobility sector in a way that is sustainable for people, the environment and profitability. We work closely with all our stakeholders, especially our customers, with whom we forge relationships of mutual cooperation and trust.

Best Place to Work

Making VHIT an attractive place to work is a priority for us. We wanted to create a collaborative and flexible environment where the professional and personal needs of our employees can coexist in harmony. Our company is informal, young and international. We focus on our people, allowing them to express themselves and their potential in every area to the full.

VHIT dispone di un ambiente collaborativo e flessibile

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