Production process

We are constantly optimising the digitisation of the production process to offer the best solutions to our customers. This allows us to reduce low-value-added activities and focus our efforts on creating first-class products.

Digitalisation processes are transforming the world in which we live, work and manufacture.

At VHIT, the production process digitisation makes it possible to reduce low-value-added activities in various areas to focus efforts on achieving challenging objectives and product innovation and respond to the needs of a market undergoing profound changes. VHIT is tending more and more towards becoming a Data-Driven Company set-up.

Offering our customers high-quality products that evolve with the market and anticipate needs is our main goal.

mechatronics & beyond

We develop products and solutions for mechatronics and we devise and design new solutions that respond to the evolution of the Automotive sector and new customer needs.
We innovated the Offanengo production plant by digitising the entire value stream from outbound processes to production and material procurement processes. Digital enablers operate at every stage of the production process making it connected and lean so we can focus our efforts on real innovation.

Warehouse feeding system:
less waste, more efficiency

The warehouses of the Offanengo plant are managed with an RFID system that automatically determines procurement based on stock limits. This eliminates the resource-intensive manual stock handling. Now, replenishment requests are automatically generated when the available goods reach the set minimum level. The entry of goods is also fully digitised and recorded automatically.

I magazzini del plant di Offanengo sono gestiti con un sistema RFID
Il sistema gestionale di VHIT consente di pianificare l’ingresso di materiali e risorse in azienda

Digital planning:
prudent resource management

Orders and jobs are planned according to a pull logic based on real customer demand. The management system takes into account the orders received to plan the entry of materials and resources into the company based on actual customer demand. The production process digitisation allows orders to be processed with greater speed and efficiency. We guarantee a streamline, sustainable, waste-free value stream that benefits our in-house organisation and customer satisfaction.

Highly automated production:
less low value-added work

The VHIT production processes are highly automated. We use conventional robots and collaborative robots (cobots). The cobot works together with the operator, requiring no dedicated space or enclosure. It is used for visual inspection, for example, eliminating the margin of error inherent in human verification. This drastically reduces the possibility of mistakes and increases process efficiency. This means that human resources are freed up and can be devoted to other activities to streamline the production flow.

VHIT impiega robot convenzionali e cobot per la produzione
In VHIT la registrazione dei dati di produzione è completamente automatizzata e assicura un grande risparmio di risorse umane

Production data analysis:
a paperless and efficient process

Production data recording is fully automated and provides great savings in human resources for these tasks that used to be performed by hand.
Connected machines exploit artificial intelligence for big data analysis. All process data are always available and up-to-date. Data analysis leads to reducing waste, decreasing scrap and increasing line efficiency through predictive maintenance of machinery. The result is faster order processing and higher customer satisfaction.

AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle):
a support for logistics

An automated guided vehicle has been used for some time to streamline logistics processes and move products from the production area to the finished product warehouse. The AGV is also directly connected to the management system. The picking of materials and the return of empty packages are fully automated.

L'AGV in VHIT snellisce i processi logistici, effettuando la movimentazione del prodotto dall’area di produzione al magazzino prodotto finito
In ogni fase del processo produttivo VHIT lavora adottando un approccio di continuous improvement

Continuous improvement:
our goal

We adopt a continuous improvement approach at every stage of the production process. We systematically define projects to improve efficiency through increased productivity and reduce waste across the board. Every six months, we perform System CIP (Continuous Improvement Process), checking critical processes on which to act with projects aimed at eliminating inefficiencies.

innovation and digitisation

Production process innovation and digitisation promote an agile, sustainable and lean value stream that saves resources and, in turn, allows for investment in real product innovation. We successfully approach changes and new market opportunities by offering state-of-the-art, modern and highly efficient solutions.

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