Combined vacuum and engine oil pumps

VHIT combined vacuum and engine oil pumps for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles incorporate braking and lubrication functions in one product.

  • Incorporating an oil pump and a vacuum pump in one unit, the combined vacuum and engine oil pumps allow the integration of a high-pressure fuel pump as well
  • Compact design to meet even the most complex installation requirements
  • High performance and CO2 efficiency due to modular design
  • Optional measures in case of high cold-start requirements

Main technical characteristics

Individual components

Vacuum pumps, oil pumps (standard or variable), low-pressure fuel pumps, high-pressure gasoline and diesel pumps

External drive

Directly from the crankshaft or by gears, chain or pulley

Internal drive

Coupling or through shaft

Installation position

In the oil pan, as part of the engine cover or as an engine component

Tra le soluzioni per automobili e veicoli commerciali leggeri VHIT offre pompe dell'olio e vuoto combinate

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