Variable oil pumps

VHIT variable oil pumps can be used in cars and light commercial vehicles for engine lubrication and cooling. The many variants meet the most diverse requirements.

  • CO2 emissions reduced by up to 50% due to proportional valve technology (compared to a fix displacement oil pump)
  • Choice of constant and variable delivery pressure over the entire temperature range
  • Combinable with vacuum pumps and water pumps
  • Wide range of displacements and speeds
  • Optional safety valve in case of high cold-start requirements

Main technical characteristics


Displacement adjustment through eccentric stator

Control strategy

Self-regulation, two-pressure level, full-map control

Pressure level

Fully variable from 1 to 5 bar


Directly by crankshaft or via pulley, gears or chain

Tra le soluzioni per automobili e veicoli commerciali leggeri VHIT offre pompe dell'olio a cilindrata variabile

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