Dual-acting master cylinders

The dual-acting master cylinders, suitable for medium-power Off Road vehicles, are specially designed for dual-circuit braking systems.

  • Suitable for medium-power vehicles, the dual-acting master cylinders require a final cut-out pressure tuning to balance the first- and second-stage effects
  • Designed to meet the requirements of dual-circuit braking systems
  • Integrated equalizing valve

Main technical characteristics




Ø25.4/15.2 mm

0.51/0.18 cm3/mm

Mineral oil

Ø31.75/21.6 mm

0.79/0.37 cm3/mm

Mineral oil

Ø33.34/23 mm

0.87/0.41 cm3/mm

Mineral oil

Tra le soluzioni idrauliche per l’Off Road VHIT offre cilindri Master a doppio stadio

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